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Founded in 2012, Beijing Creator Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional game art design company. OUr core members are all design artists with more than 10 years of experience. The company cooperates with many first-class game research and development companies at home and abroad, and our advanced techniques can achieve various styles of production. The company is currently in a stage of rapid development and has a strong technical team and project management capabilities. The company undertakes the production of 3D/2D game projects. We are a young and professional team, adhering to the spirit of traditional Chinese craftsmanship combined with modern design concepts to serve your products and company. Hope to get appreciation and collaboration from various companies.

Definition of Creator:

The Creator technology hopes that every artist in the Creator Co. can invent the virtual world in the Internet just like God creates the world. Take maximum advantage of the "craftsman spirit.".

International artists:

The Creator believes that art is closely related to people's aesthetic and cognition of the original ecological country. Artists who have experienced different lives have different views on beauty. Creators provide customers with the designs of artists from different countries, which can fully express and improve the designs you want.

Project Optimization:

In addition to the excellent artists, how to save money and time is particularly important for the Creator. The creator have a professional management team to control and proofread the feedback documents for each project, optimize the production speed through the internal assessment system, and reduce the customer's capital investment through the creator's unique batch production process.

Turn your game world into reality


In addition to static art, 3D animation is also an indispensable part. In the past few years, we have provided animation and 3D animation for many top domestic games. Unlimited imagination, unlimited possibilities, the creator is ready to help you achieve all your vision.


Concept Art

Do you need help to realize the idea in your mind? We heard your voice, and our artists are very willing to help you create concept art that meets your requirements. With our top art team's extensive and in-depth experience accumulation, they will be ready to deal with any project. Whether you need environment and character art, or creature and prop design, everything is possible from whimsical to surreal!


Our requirements and standards for art are strict and harsh. Starting from the recruitment of talents, we try our best to excavate and build a team of artists full of talent and creative passion, so as to ensure that all art pipelines of creators can submit high-quality products, from concept art, 2D art, 3D art to master various styles of art. Our long-term expatriate system enables us to keep pace with industry-leading tools and technologies. The creator art team has laid a successful foundation over the years, but we are still breaking through the boundaries of imagination and pursuing higher quality.

Consulting center

New center

The new expansion will be launched on April 2nd! A big plunder is about to happen!

The new expansion pack of the magical epic burning mobile game "New World of Gods and Demons" will be launched on April 2nd! A large-scale confrontation is coming. Not only will there be large-scale guilds waiting for you to open up wasteland, but also large-scale territories. Let us reveal in advance that this time, the offensive and defensive of the world's territories are different!

Announcement on the opening of the new service of Dream New World on April 20

Celebrate the Spring Festival and welcome joy and happiness! The first social healing mobile game "Dream New World" developed by the Creators Technology in cooperation with Zulong Entertainment and operated by Tencent Games has prepared a new year version full of surprises for dreammakers on New Year’s Eve.

The new "Zhuxian Mobile Game" new profession shocks on June 6th

The new Tianhua profession, the new scene of Xisha Pure Land, the card battle game "Romania", and the Dragon Boat Festival event "Zongzi Jiji Le" were exposed today. Massive gameplay updates bring a new game experience. Dunhuang officials invite you to appreciate the cultural charm of the millennium.

Together with the Creator, create your own martial art in "The End of the World and Moon Knife" and dominate the martial arts!

The Blue Dragon Association was once the most mysterious and powerful organization in the world.

For decades, it has become the root of the bloody storm in the arena.

Qinglong will be brutal and unkind, killing innocent people indiscriminately, making everyone in the martial arts at risk.

"Let go of the Three Kingdoms" spring welfare activities kick off

Spring is a festival full of vitality. Hundreds of flowers bloom in the fields and are colorful. The animals are also active. "Let go of the Three Kingdoms" can't help but restless, wanting to give you the warm benefits of spring. Many treasured items such as books of war, war horses, advanced pills, advanced martial arts packs, etc. are waiting for you to receive.

Develop music outsourcing business and establish a music studio

CG original music creation, game sound design, film and television advertising, animation dubbing, song creation, arrangement, voice and sound effect recording, mobile phone music design and adaptation and other audio services

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Service items

Service project

Game original design

Complete the original painting design of characters and scenes according to requirements

Create characters based on the original painting provided by the customer

Models, realistic and cartoon can be made

Game character design

Game scene production

Make game scene models based on original paintings provided by customers, both realistic and cartoon can be made

According to the game style and needs, make UI suitable for the game

Design background music and theme song according to the game style

Game UI production

Game music production


Our continuous accumulation of cross-domain knowledge and experience benefits from the collaboration with customers and at the same time we inject new momentum into new cooperation


Our philosophy is:

The company is to meet everyone's expectations!

Expectation is the power of the company!




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